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My testimony

I was raised in Church and studied the Bible from the time I was a child.  I had a lot of head knowledge and attended church regularly.  I knew that I had a call to the ministry from my earliest memories.  I joined the Marine Corps at 17 and began to explore the worldly pleasures.  I became an  alcoholic. I was so filled with the Devil that even the Marine Corps did not like me. I had married and my wife thought I was a Christian, until it was too late. 

I went to Lowry AFB, for training in microwave measurements. It took me only a couple of days to find all the bars that had two setups for the price of one on the first setup.  I began a routine of getting two drinks at each one and then move on to the next.  In the middle of Denver I would stop for coffee. As I was leaving the coffee stop on a Friday night, heading for the next bar across the street, a girl handed me a tract and I looked at it and said I didn’t need it. I knew all about it.  She didn’t argue.  All she said was “Jesus loves you”.  I looked at her and I could see the love of God flowing out of her eyes.

I continued on, but my weekend was ruined.  I was miserable because those three  powerful words haunted me.  On Sunday I went to church like I usually did and played my trumpet on the front row. I intended to get right with God that day, but I was distracted by what I saw in micro mini skirts. That evening I returned and went to the altar.  No one came to pray with me and soon there were several conversations going on and I left without anything happening. I went to my camper and began to read the Bible and opened to Hebrews 6.  Soon I was convinced that I had gone too far and that God didn’t want me.  I knew that the girl on the corner was from Teen Challenge so I went to the address in the phone book.  It was not there, so I called and discovered I was only two blocks away. I went there and entered the coffee house.  They were having a Bible study and asked if I had a Bible.  I showed them mine and sat down.  When the study was done they went to prayer time and I bowed my head and told God that I would give Him 5 minutes to send someone to talk to me.  If no one came I would know that He didn’t want me and I would leave and not bother Him again.  After several minutes, a young lady came over and asked if it was my first time.  I said yes. She then asked me if I was a Christian.  I began to cry and said I didn’t know and opened my Bible to Hebrews 6 and said I needed some answers. She didn’t know the Bible very well but she said, “Wait right  here and I will get someone to help you”.  She brought back Kim, who answered my questions and gave me hope. They invited me in to the prayer room and we prayed for about 3 hours.  I really meant business with God that night.  I had taken a lot of years to mess up my life and I needed to give Him time to work on me. In the middle of the prayer time, I said “Wait here, I will be right back”.  I went to my camper and took all the booze and other things that I shouldn’t have had out and took two sacks of stuff to the dumpster.  I kept the cigarettes though. I went back in where they were wondering what was going on and prayed some more.  I gave God all of my life that night and he made 2 Cor. 5:17 real to me. After I finished praying, Steve asked me if I knew about the baptism in the Holy Ghost.  I said yes and he asked, “is there anything keeping you from getting it right now”.  I said only one thing.  His response was give them to me.  I argued for sometime that it wouldn’t work. I would just get some more.  I had a lot of reasons, but he only said, “give them to me”. Finally I gave in and handed them to him.  I did not get filled until a week later, but I did get delivered from the tobacco addiction.  It has been a wonderful life since that night.

When my wife, who had been preparing to leave me because of my wickedness, saw me 3 months later, she knew I was a changed man and began to introduce me as her new husband. 

My life has never been the same and I find joy in introducing others to this same Jesus who loves them as much as He did me.

I have been involved with Teen Challenge ever since and intend to continue working for the Lord until He calls me home. 

If you would like to meet this Savior, Jesus, please contact me and I will help you to find the same kind of relationship I have had with Him.