The Ozanne’s Ministry

Missionaries to the World's Drug Culture

Presenting  A positive answer to the drug problem through the power of the Gospel of jesus Christ

Teaching biblical principles for daily living

To contact us:


PO Box 2085

Yakima, WA 98907-2085

Phone: 509-452-1552

US # (509) 590-1421


The last # is with us wherever we go when the computer is online. In Slovakia it is 9 hours ahead of Pacific time.






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In the Elim Church in Skopje, where the Teen Challenge students go. Most of the people in the church are family of the students. Heather is in the front in red. The church has grown out of it’s facilities with the influx of the families of the students, even as the center has become too small to meet the need.

Macedonia Teen Challenge & Skopje

Dining out with the church leaders in October 2005

Heather & I at the Old Macedonian Fort overlooking Skopje.

Heather teaching the staff how to use the Personal studies for New Christians at the Teen Challenge center

Gjulferina, the gypsy girl we sponsor to go to school. She is an “A” student in school and in her Bible studies..

Baptismal Service September 2005 at a river outside Skopje

Missionary meeting in Skopje 2004

Praise and worship time at the Teen Challenge

Conference at Pijestani in the Slovak Republic


In the dining room at the Teen Challenge Conference at Pijestani in the Slovak Republic


With the Macedonia Teen Challenge Staff at the center.

Teen Challenge Conferences